Contact decision makers

We need decision makers in Eskom and the government to know that people support a just energy future and a Green New Eskom, and we need to push them to support it too.

Here we list some of the decision makers that are key to ensuring a Green New Eskom. We provide links to their contact details, so that you can get in touch with them and ask them to support and implement a Green New Eskom.

You can find some suggested language for your messages here:

Dear [Insert name of person or office], 

My name is [ ] and I am contacting you today to encourage you to support the Green New Eskom campaign and their call for a rapid and just transition to a more socially owned, renewable energy powered economy, providing clean, safe, and affordable energy for all, with no worker and community left behind in the transition. 

I am writing to you because [here you can insert a little bit about why you care about this issue and support the campaign]. In addition to myself, over 50 civil society organisations across South Africa support the Green New Eskom campaign. I encourage you to find out more about the campaign and it’s demands at GreenNewEskom.org and to lend your voice in support.  

South Africa faces an economic, energy and climate crisis. A Green New Eskom is a key way to tackle those triple crises. I urge you to support it.

Some of the key decision makers are: 

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE)
The DMRE controls our energy policy. It’s unjust and polluting energy agenda is arguably one of the biggest obstacles to a Green New Eskom – find out more about why they are so problematic in the Green New Eskom booklet. The DMRE’s contact details are available here. We encourage you to contact both the national and respective regional offices. 

Contact Eskom and tell them you support a Green New Eskom. Request that your message is passed on to the board of directors. The board of directors are where decision making happens, so it’s key that they know that the public supports a Green New Eskom. 

National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA)
NERSA plays a vital role in regulating our energy space. Contact NERSA here and demand that they use their regulatory power to unlock a just transition to renewable energy and a Green New Eskom, rather than locking us into an outdated, polluting and expensive energy regime.

The Department of Public Enterprises (DPE)
The DPE is the government stakeholder on the Eskom board. They play a vital role in setting policy for Eskom. You can find the contact details for the DPE here. We encourage you to contact the offices of the Minister and/or the Director General. 

There are several committees in parliament whose voices and mandates are central for a Green New Eskom. Here we list those committees and provide links to them. Each of those links has the phone number and email of the committee secretariats who are the contact persons for the committee. If you want to go the extra mile, please also contact individual committee members who are listed there. You can click on their names and access their contact details.